Immortelle Lotion Spray 4oz

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Immortelle oil is a sacred oil used for hundreds of years that  is used to help with stretch marks, scars, bruises, psoriasis, eczema, Rosacea, and dermatitis. It assists with the skin’s natural regeneration and it is a rare and expensive ingredient for anti-wrinkles skincare.

7plus all natural Lotion spray is one of a kind all around lotion for full body and face applications, rejuvenate, heal and preserve your beauty.

Light enough to use on your face but also moisturizing to leave your skin feeling hydrated.

Used for: Eczema, dry skin, oily skin, dark circles, wrinkles, Scars Etc…

3 reviews for Immortelle Lotion Spray 4oz

  1. Sarah P.

    This is MAGICAL and when I say MAGICAL im not kidding, I have bad Eczema on my legs and nothing worked, then i put this stuff on and its like brand new after a week, I also use it on my face my wrinkles have reduced and its only been a week. Highly recommend!

  2. Harold S.

    I love this lotion spray or whatever it is, it works great and soaks up fast and not greasy

  3. Stephen P.

    Use it on my hands with eczema and it went away, I barely even used any maybe like 30 sprays and I still have more than 2/3 left definitely worth it

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