Icy Pain Relief Spray 4oz

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Menthol is used for acute and chronic pain relief with amazing results.

Eucalyptus benefits people with pain and an expectorant to help break apart mucus in the body.

Tea Tree Oil has many benefits for those that are in pain and have poor circulation.

When applied externally receptors in your cells receive signals from different stimuli and help your cells respond by creating anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects helping with pain management and Recovery.

Ex: Back pain, Knee pain, Neck pain, Muscle aches, Injuries, Arthritis and much more.

  • Cold therapy
  • Anti-Inflammatory ingredients
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fast Acting
  • Long Lasting
  • Smells wonderful
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Fits in your pocket
  • No Mess, Drys fast

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88 reviews for Icy Pain Relief Spray 4oz

  1. Louise C.

    I use this on my chest to breath better I am 90 years old and it saved my life a few times.

  2. Ken D.

    This is amazing stuff, it really is strong, first I was scared but it works like nothing I’ve ever tried before

  3. Steve B

    I am from China and I use when I fall on wrist. Use it 3 time very good, with wrist brace. It do accelerate healing, it no hurt no more. Why ship take 2 week?!

  4. Nicole D.

    I love this spray, I’ve used it on everything even my headaches, I just rub it on my temples and the pain goes away, I don’t know what I would do without it.

  5. Megan H.

    I bought the one bottle and it worked so well I bought the 5 pack, I don’t think any other company has this good of a deal and 1000mg CBD this is for the people.

  6. Eddie W.

    Tell me why it felt like Ice Fire, it didn’t leave any marks but it is really strong and it helped, I only gave it a 3 because they always run out fast and because they wouldn’t do 1 day shipping, I had to wait 3 days.

  7. Muhammad R.

    Amazing Stuff, They ran out again as usual so I had to wait to purchase more, get the 5 pack you trust me you’ll wish you did.

  8. Harry L.

    This makes my chronic wrist pain 80 percent gone and way more flexible, I would recommend it anyone who works with thier hands.

  9. Leonna D.

    This spray is great such power in a small bottle, It works better then any other cbd topical I’ve tried.

  10. Eve G.

    I want more and more, I want to stock pile this for emergencies, I bought some last year and its still good and I absolutely love it!

  11. Gary J.

    So grateful how is this not on shark tank, I will only buy this now my hands are so worn out and nothing works better then the spray.

  12. Mike K.

    Broooo it works amazing on my knee pain, the first time I used it I had no pain and worked out like crazy, I couldn’t even feel it, but the next day I had to spray more because I overdid it, worked again!

  13. Mary O.

    I gave this to my grandma she loves it so much, I am so glad she is smiling and can move better. Thank You!!

  14. Leyla K.

    This is my second order, When they run out its for like 2 weeks so I emailed them and they said its made in small batches and I can sleep knowing its not mass produced.

  15. Amy D.

    This is way different then the other brands I’ve tried, it seems to take away a lot of the pain and then when i spray it again later on in the day it goes away for like a day or two, I know for chronic pain its not a perfect solution but its natural and works better.

  16. Aziz M.

    Great Stuff!! I always grab for this when i have pain or even when I have a cold i put it on my chest and i can breath better.

  17. Lauren D.

    I Bought the 5 pack they run out so fast, I’m guessing the price is unbelievable and its really effective. Thank you for for this.

  18. Herman S.

    Tell me why the pain I had in my ankle for months just went away and it was way more flexible after a few days of using the spray, its been a week now no pain. if I could give 10 stars I would.

  19. Jessica F.

    This company should be everyone’s go to for pain relief like c’mon no brainer, its natural all the way through, its high quality, its cheap and it works. plus the guy is kinda cute lol

  20. Ericka C.

    Its okay it took away like 60 percent of my pain but I’ve had this pain for 10 years, but I will tell you this its the best thing I’ve tried with topicals and it helps me sleep, also they run out alot and takes them awhile to restock.

  21. Ahmad P.

    I bought mine from the cypress swap meet, I got the last one!! they were very helpful and kind, I love supporting small businesses and I think this spray is the superb!!

  22. Jeff Y.

    I cant believe this works so good! I used it on my sciatica and stretched and no more pain, I did the crossed leg stretch and this helps loosen it up from what I felt.

  23. Raymond M.

    This is strong I like it thank you

  24. Abe S.

    Amazing product!! My knees have been hurting for a while and I applied this on and the pain was instantly gone. I would recommend this to anyone!! 5 stars!!

  25. Gus M.

    Give me 7plus or give me death! I went hiking and injured my ankle pretty bad to the point it hurt so bad to walk on it, luckily i had a bottle in my bag for emergencies and boy am I glad I did, sprayed it and like 10 min of stretching I was able to walk back to my car like 2 miles away. Thank you Thank you Thank you a million times!!

  26. Sam P.

    Amazing stuff, I’ve tried a lot of different brands but this is the best one so far for my arthritis, I spray 5 times in an area and sometimes it will be intense and sometimes mild icy hot feeling, I think it depends on the muscle, but after like 5 minutes I feel looser and the pain is reduced by tremendously, sometimes even gone for days.

  27. Ernie P.

    I have been using this for a week after neck surgery and I love it so much, I did not want to keep tasking pills because its bad for the liver. also it says don’t put it on wounds I put it around the area where its safe.

  28. Moe A.

    Great stuff!! It helped my hurt elbow immediately so I bought more for my mom and dad.

  29. Chase S.

    Use this for the post workouts and it helps my shoulders and neck tension, also I’ve used it on my knees and it took the pain away, the guy should make more natural stuff. Excellent Product!!!!!!!

  30. Quincy O.

    I love the smell, I bought it for my husband who has back issues and when he comes in the room I get excited hahaha, also he loves it too!

  31. Bethany R.

    The customer service is great, I had it shipped to an old shipping address and they fixed it, also the shipping was fast like 3 days, I live in New York so from California that’s pretty quick.

  32. Juanita G.

    The smell is nice it’s like a fresh minty menthol smell, the hot cold feeling is great and then it numbs the pain, I’ve used it on my back, neck, knees and wrists works like magic.

  33. Emily C.

    I haven’t used this for pain yet but I use this for headaches and chest decongested like vapor rub lol, it works so I’m happy as a camper! I can breath!!!

  34. Sarah A.

    I was looking for a product that was all natural ingredients from everything even the preservatives, and I found this and absolutely love it! also its very strong it does help my wrists and I am not poisoning my body. Thank you so much!

  35. Adriana H.

    Wow this rocks I absolutely love it and smells great, my mom loves it too for arthritis in her hands she uses it in the morning and has no pain the whole day.

  36. Priscilla K.

    I have been having pain in my back for years and I put this on and i was miraculously fixed it. Gonna buy more for family and friends and put them in their stocking for Christmas.

  37. Harold T.

    This helps me in moving better, I want a bigger bottle other then that its good product.

  38. McKenzie W.

    I love the spray and its easy to use, it works really good on my lower back and it doesn’t leave any stains

  39. Karen M.

    Too strong! I put it on my leg where I fell and scraped my knee and i was limping but it felt like fire, no marks were left but still it should be less powerful or whatever the only reason I gave it a 3 is because it took the pain away and I wasn’t limping after!

  40. Jose A.

    Wow Wowza this is magic! I just bought the 10 pack, they are a small business and always run out fast. I rated it a 4 because my customers and i need relief now.

  41. Leslie H.

    My grandson bought me one for my arthritis and it helps with pain and flexibility, I have also used it on my chest when its hard to breath and I can breath better, Thank you I will keep buying more.

  42. Nicole P.

    Great product and smell, it takes a few min to work but it helps relieve my shoulder tension.

  43. Maria G.

    very good, I like very much

  44. Allen B.

    Its really a godsend but they always run out, this is the only thing that works on my arthritis and lasts all day.

  45. Amanda P.

    Use it after my mountain runs, love hot cold sensation on my legs, releases the tension.

  46. Jessica R.

    works like it should, I love it especially out of the shower, its like hot rain

  47. Michael M.

    This stuff is really strong, I sprayed 7 times and it felt icy and hot on another level, also it numbed my pain im guessing from the cbd.

  48. April G.

    This Company knows their stuff!! I wish it came in a bigger size but then again I guess it wouldn’t be as strong, also its really affordable.

  49. Melissa K.

    This spray is strong strong! also it loosened up my hips it works great!

  50. Tanya B.

    Good stuff I use it on my wrists after workouts and it helps me recover alot faster.

  51. Kelsie M.

    The bottle says 1-3 sprays per area, I use like 6 and boy do i feel it, like the hand of God touched my arm.

  52. Alex V.

    I used this on my neck and it absolutely works, I was able to crack my neck because it loosened it, also I like the smell its pleasant.

  53. Jerome W.

    Its good get the job done, the shipping lost it and I had to wait another 3 days.

  54. Hadi S.

    I use this stuff after my MMA workouts, its a game changer!

  55. Olga V.

    I buy the 3 pack then my friends steal it, I buy the 5 pack and my relatives managed to steal it, now I’m buying the 10 pack and hiding it lol, works great on all my pains.

  56. Ralph T.

    I used this on my neck and it absolutely works, I was able to crack my neck because it loosened it, also I liek the smell its pleasant.

  57. Chris C.

    I use this daily for my arthritis in my elbows it seems to last pretty much all day and i don’t feel as much pain I bought the 3 pack which is cheap.

  58. Doug G.

    This guy is a Local in Orange County, I see him at the swap meet all the time, huge crowd product works i love it its amazing!

  59. Brendan Y.

    The best cbd pain relief I’ve come across it’s powerful and satisfying, use it on my calf and knees

  60. Bob

    I tried it from a friend when I hurt my ankle and I couldn’t walk, after I sprayed it I was able to walk again, it made the pain 90 percent better and I bought some more for myself because i was sold after that.

  61. Joey S.

    Wow this is spray works like magic, my knees are shot it took like 5 min, but it gets the job done and lasts pretty long.

  62. Payohla S.

    My knee thanks you for your product haha, I use it after squatting 200 lbs, I put it on my knees then stretch, rest and the next day i can squat again.

  63. Norma G.

    Hallelujah! This is a miracle pain relief spray, I love love love it soo much, my arthritis in my hands are gone and last a whole day sometimes more, and I don’t even have use that much!

  64. Suzie Q.

    My husband and I have both used this Hemp spray for sciatica and muscle cramps. I can honestly say it works like a charm. 5 sprays and boom fast relief. I’ve already recommended it to my friends.

  65. Louis H.

    I was gifted with this product from sister and I can honestly say this spray has been a great pain reliever on my shoulders. I have tried many products but nothing compares to this! I am so happy my pain has disapeared.

  66. John K.

    I purchased the Hemp Spray at the swap meet, i was like why not because the price was right. I would highly recommend for big pain, im very satisfied.

  67. Bilal M.

    Im a Personal trainer, I bought in bulk 10 pack and it’s paying off, super good deal and my customers love it.

  68. David A.

    I use the spray after the gym, my knees thank you and it doesn’t smell like bengay.

  69. Jesse J.

    This is great wish they wouldn’t run out all the time, other then that it gets rid of the pain.

  70. Monica G.

    This spray works on contact. I can’t believe how fast it worked on me. I will recommend this product to anyone who has aches and pains.

  71. Shauna P.

    I am extremely impressed!! This topical spray works! It started working immediately. It is doesn’t smell bad which is a plus!

  72. Michael L.

    Great Product! I’m so relieved with how well it took the pain away from my lower back. I will definitely come back and purchase more.

  73. Louie L.

    I buy Product not good, it feel like ice and hot and too strong

  74. Gregory M.

    Works wonderfully for my neck pain, and it is strong, the ice and heat feels crazy after 5 min, it scared me lol, but I love it!

  75. Alan C.

    I bought the 10 pack cuz its a steal for sure, no one can beat the pricing and quality.

  76. Robin H.

    Amazing product!! I really love the smell, i use this for my wrist pain which loosens it up making it easier to do my tasks.

  77. Ashley J.

    The spray is strong and makes my aches numb, I mostly use it to help stretch better as it loosens it up

  78. Sarah C.

    I use this for my hands and feet before I go to bed, and I wake up feeling great!

  79. Earl D.

    They ran out again, I mean if its selling that fast then have someone manufacturer it for you.

  80. Beth S.

    I have had chronic pain in my hands for years and cannot do simple household chores, a good friend of mine told me about this spray and I cannot believe how much relief in my hands and it smells great!

  81. John O.

    My neck cracked after I put it on the spray, maybe like 3 sprays so I know that it reduces tension, like night and day.

  82. Maria G.

    This stuff is like wow in so many levels, it penetrates deep and reduces my chronic pain in minutes!

  83. Jennifer E.

    My hands feel brand new!!! I only spray this on my hands when they freeze up from arthritis and it works pretty much the whole day.

  84. Thomas G.

    This is strong I could feel the hot cold therapy In a few minutes, it relieves my shoulder stiffness from sitting at my desk all day.

  85. Dean S.

    This stuff is powerful, the heat and ice sensation with the cbd it’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before, it took my ankle pain away with a few sprays, thank God I thought I broke it but I think it’s sprained. Thank you guys!!!

  86. Joe L.

    This works fast and lasts pretty much all day, my knees feel like they have more flexibility and the pain is reduced, goodbye pain!

  87. Eric D.

    I have tried everything for arthritis in my hands and nothing really works like this CBD Spray it is the best thing I have ever used.

  88. Sarah M.

    This is a miracle product, the icy hot with cbd is nothing I have ever used before, it’s so intense and satisfying and I love the smell.

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